Words & Music


Music was always part of our lives growing up in Ireland. My early influences began with the singing of my grandmother and father.
Later, of course the folk boom which swept Ireland, revived by The Dubliners, Planxty, and far too many to mention here.
In the seventies, O’Donohoe’s bar in Dublin, was a great spot to sing and pick up new material from the countless musicians who played in the city. The Coffee Kitchen, Grapevine, and The Universal Folk Club also gave ample opportunity to loosen up the vocal chords.

DRAMA and POETRY had equally a hold on my life. From the wondrous account of W.B.Yeats,
sketching out his poetic vision of Irish Mythology, to the inner illuminations of Samuel Beckett.
All this being enough to encourage me to get my own words out which blossomed into the publication
of a book of poetry and three professional productions of my plays.
The eighties, launched my first song writing endeavours, and set me on the road performing across Europe until finally settling in Holland where I now live. In 2001 after an invitation from The Oscar Wilde school to participate in a poetry reading in The Chamber Of Commerce Dublin, which resulted in my work being published in an anthology of Irish Poets, I was pulled emotionally and creatively back to Ireland in my writing.

One of the results of this experience is my CD: “Dark River Tumbling”.

Dark River Tumbling is a wide selection of original songs. Songs which I enjoy writing and playing, written in both contemporary and traditional style, some reflecting to days language, others, reaching back into a more traditional Irish culture.
 and drinking songsTHE DONEGAL RAMBLER (TRACK 4) have long held their place in the folk tradition of Ireland and I have touched upon these issues with pleasure weaving them into the numbers.
It has taken me quite a while to get round to making this CD, but surrounded by a fine array of established top musicians was more than an inspiration to get the songs down.
I wish you the same pleasure in listening as I have when I delve into the rich and living tradition of Ireland which is handed down to us from the bardic school and is still very much alive today. Irish music is firmly rooted in solid ground, constantly revolving, without going too far from the source from whence it came, the rambling minstrel poets of Ireland.